Folk high school Muurlan Opisto


Muurlan Opisto is a folk high school in Salo, south-western Finland.

The School is situated in a beautiful area, near Ylisjärvi lake and forests – in the village of Muurla.

Muurlan Opisto is a boarding school, where the majority of students both live and study – accommodation, lunch and meeting facilities are provided also for shorter visiting guests and other groups.

Muurlan Opisto focuses on cultural programmes, like photography, comics and animation. As updating training, we have courses for art, well-being, organizational development, Shindo®, professional guidance, NLP, Logotherapy and Expressive arts therapy.

We provide short courses such as music, painting, language courses (English), well-being and different certificate courses and courses for children, seniors and companies.

Welcome to Muurlan Opisto – we are pleased to have You as a student or a guest!

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